epic bike jumps

7 10 2010

This looks super painful fun!

To really appreciate the beautiful filming and the truly wild abandon of the jumpers, play this bad boy full screen in high res.



genki sudo returns

27 09 2010

This dude used to smash faces and take limbs home as trophies. Now he’s reinventing the one man dance and holding down a respectable music career. Good for him.

Stay wth it for the great illusions at the end.


the earth through the eyes of its fastest inhabitant

21 09 2010

Jump on the back of this falcon and pull some G’s.


senegalese cycling silliness

20 09 2010


wheel of awesome

17 09 2010

Just beautiful. Watch it once to just enjoy. Watch it a second time to imagine all the faceplants and crunched toes/fingers that you’d incur if you tried it.

i will never complain about my commute ever again

15 09 2010

Be sure to play this in full screen mode for the full, vertigo-inducing effect.

more amazing teamwork from japan

10 09 2010

If you thought that Japanese people were pretty cool with their synchronized walking, you should see them fly.

Lots of my friends have been posting this on FB recently. For anyone looking for more context, the video info says that they are a team from Aomori University in Japan, performing at the 2009 All Japan Mens Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships.