kobe bryant stunt

16 05 2008

It has come to my attention that the veracity of this clip has become a major debate among various internet experts. It’s real, people! If you don’t believe it, a simple experiment will prove it to you: try it yourself! Not many people know this, but it’s a well established fact that the average physically fit adult actually has the verticle leap necessary to perform this stunt. The hard part is the hang time, which is why Kobe uses an Aston Martin (kind of cheating if you ask me). So the trick is that you just need to have your friend with the fastest car do the driving and tell him to really floor it! You’ll see. It’s a piece of cake.

(EDIT: Whether the clip is real or a camera trick, the man has undeniable ups. You probably don’t. Please don’t actually try this at home….but if you do, film it!)




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