come back genki sudo!

26 06 2008

Top 10 reasons I wish Genki Sudo would “un-retire:”

10.) Super fluid style of sub-wrestling

9.) He takes mid-fight dance breaks to “do the robot”

8.) Modern MMA needs more Noh Theater and insane flying armbar attempts

7.) He’s not afraid to take risks

6.) He shows great respect for his opponents

5.) His name is fun to say

4.) Win or lose, he always entertained

3.) His entrances were an art

2.) Even facing the prospect of getting punched in the face he maintained a great sense of humor

1.) We Are All One. How dope is that?




One response

27 09 2010
genki sudo returns « stuff that moves

[…] sudo returns 27 09 2010 This dude used to smash faces and take limbs home as trophies. Now he’s reinventing the one man dance and holding down a respectable music career. Good […]

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