how i get my jollies

8 08 2008

I don’t know where the folks at YesButNoButYes found this video of me! Damn paparazzi! First they kill Diana, and now they can’t even let me enjoy my bodacious shark surfing hobby in peace.




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14 08 2008

… That was… amazing… holy fudgebuckets!! I am… speechless…

But not speechless enough to tell you to check out this video!! It’s Alexander Artemev who helped the US Mens Olympic Team to win bronze at the Olympics the other day. I was speechless when I saw it!! – actual Olympic footage, only the last part of his routine – I believe Olympic qualifying footage, but it’s his whole routine

18 08 2008

I have been watching this guy compete for the last few days and I too have been amazed. Was very bummed to see him fall last night and even more bummed that NBC seems intent on keeping Olympic footage off youtube. I’ll post some footage of his routine from the PAC Rim Championships.

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