the fireball festival of nejapa

2 09 2008

In America, we’d probably get all bent ot of shape over this kind of behavior, calling it a “riot” and arresting people and making fun of them for dressing like the Insane Clown Posse. In El Salvador, they call this a party and celebrate these upstanding citizens who turn out every August to uphold cherished cultural traditions. Clearly our misguided, closed-minded culture has a lot to learn from our neighbors from the South. 

Via YesButNoButYes.




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2 09 2008
Matt George

I’m not laughing. I think it would be awesome until I got burned or worse an innocent bystander like a child watching got badly burned. Then I would feel terrible. I tend to think that if someone wants a little violence let them go into a ring where it is controlled, not with hundreds, and thousands of people participating in the violence. I mean there’s some crazy cool boxing and martial arts in a controlled environment where everyone can watch and not be in fear of mass pandemonium breaking out. Maybe I’m just a little cautious when it comes to big group gatherings. 😉

10 09 2008

But wait there’s more!
Here’s something similar from Greece:

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