that’s right ice. man. i am dangerous

12 01 2009

Ever since Ice Man was spinning his pen in his first scene in Top Gun, I’ve wanted to try this stuff. Some time later I actually ran into Val Kilmer randomly in a gym locker room and I asked him about the pen spinning. Did he learn how to do it for the role? Was it hard to learn? Could he teach me? etc. He said I should forget about it. Said it was too dangerous.

I shrugged it off and taught myself how anyway.

Turns out he was right. I’m sorry Ice Man.



Can you ever forgive me?

PS Thanks Failblog.




2 responses

15 01 2009

That looked like it really hurt. But I mean honestly, what was he expecting pulling a pen out of a light socket?? 😀

2 07 2009
pen spinning « stuff that moves

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