inauguration special: you thought being president was the sweetest job ever…

20 01 2009

Wrong!  The sweetest job ever is SUV-mounted gatling gun operator.

You know that when the Secret Service was walking Obama through the ins and outs of his new security detail and they got to this part, somewhere in the recesses of his consciousness he questioned whether President really was what he wanted to do. He probably thought “Gatling Gunner Obama…that has a nice ring to it.”


Then the poor chump was probably led off somewhere else by some jerk in a monkey suit to spend the rest of his twenty hour work day trying to figure out exactly how to go about fixing the billion and a half things wrong in the world. Meanwhile, the SUV-mounted gatling gunner, probably just chilled, played some wii or something, and waited for the right moment to come along where 3,000 rounds would be required to be on target within the span of 60 seconds.


EDIT: Now with MS Paint-y Goodness!




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