the ol’ ally-oop

7 04 2009

With so many sports movies coming out over the years, I would imagine that it may be getting hard to find a way to write innovative new endings that involve that crucial miraculous “secret weapon” play that leads to the glorious ending. You know, the one that the underdog team has been holding up their sleeves the whole time, just waiting for the most desperate, no-time-left-on-the-clock moment to unleash against their opponents. It’s the crane kick, the triple deke, or “The Annexation of Puerto Rico.” Well, here’s a new one: the ally-oop touchdown pass. I’m sure that we’ll see it employed on the big screen sooner or later to beat the team of commies/bullies/rich kids/al queda/cobra/whatever.

Source: The High Definite, which is also highly excellent.




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23 08 2009

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