first the internet brought us the “solja boy,” then it helped spread “da stanky leg”…

12 06 2009

Ouch. That’s a pretty bad track record, but hopefully it can redeem itself by helping spread a new dance trend that I actually really like. I’ve been noticing one of the contestants from this year’s SYTYCD showing up in a bunch of interesting videos lately. The guy is pretty well known in dance circles as PacMan, but the millions of tween SYTYCD fans probably know him better by his real name, Phillip. Anyway, I keep seeing him (along with some other amazing and equally well-known performers) doing some fantastic choreographed hip hop stuff to distinctly non-hip hop music, like the Postal Service.

Pretty dope right? If it’s really going to catch on and become a cultural phenomenon, though, it’s going to need a catchy name like indie-lectro-hip-hop-pop or something. It’s only a matter of time before we start seeing it coyly alluded to in underground web comics or on  All Things Considered.





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