m.a.s.k.: remember that 80s cartoon?

24 06 2009

There was some sort of gas station/mobile mart that transformed into a fortress or something like that. Well, Thailand actually has something like this in real life:

A marketplace that transforms into a train line! It’s pretty cool, I guess. But it’d be a lot cooler if it transformed into a heavily armed mountainside hideout. I mean look at this rad-ness, Thailand:


I’m just sayin.’

Video via

Nerdy nostalgic image via




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24 06 2009

Hahaha! Boulder Hill! There exists a legendary family home video of me on my 8th birthday receiving that kickass action battle playset as a gift and singing at the top of my lungs: “… this looks like Boulder Hill…. and IT IS BOULDER HILL! IT’S BOULDER HILL! BOULDER HILL!”

24 06 2009

YESSSSSSSSSSSS – those toys rocked!

They clearly shaped me in profound ways during those crucial developmental years, as evidenced by the fact that when I witness multi-cultural wonders (like this video), my brain is all like “Coooool…imagine if lasers slid out after the train passed…like in M.A.S.K.! PEW PEW!”

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