viral marketing looks fun

7 08 2009

From time to time my bosses task me with creating a “viral” marketing campaign. It kind of makes sense since I do work in the marketing field. What doesn’t make sense, though, is that the products I am marketing are academic resources. There is nothing about academic resources that could be considered even remotely appropriate for “viral marketing.” I think I need to show them this video and ask, “Do you see that ad on the back of the bus for the HTC Hero? Imagine that ad being for one of our books. Now do you see any potential here for a video like this to reach our target audiences (scholars and researchers)?”

Who knows? Maybe they’ll be all for it. Maybe they’ll be like “Make the calls. Hire the stuntmen. It’s ON!”

Hey, it’s Friday, the weekend’s here, and a boy can dream, right?





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