talkin’ ’bout the young folks

14 08 2009

Witness the thrill of victory in the new sport of Speed Cup Stacking!

It’s EXTREME! extremely pointless. Look, I’m all for kids achieving their goals, but this is the equivalent of “Speed Shoelace Tying” or “Speed Remote Control Battery Changing.” Do something, kid! Go play outside! Get good at “speed bike riding” or “speed running.”

Or at least put those speedy hands to use doing something useful like Ms. McKenzie here:

That girl is awesome.

Some political blathering editorializing after the jump

To me, the first video represents everything that is wrong about the way most Americans raise their kids:

  • Cooping them up indoors, where they can be safely locked away from any real/imaginary danger
  • Encouraging pointless activities
  • Letting everyone be a winner at something

On the other hand, the second video represents everything right about the way some Americans do it:

  • Treating them with respect
  • Encouraging personal responsibility
  • Involving them with your interests (when they want to)
  • Teaching them useful skills and personal safety

As McKenzie’s dad says in the video Hoo-Rah to all that!




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