ilhc 2009 quick takes

31 08 2009

This year’s ILHC was the first dance competition weekend that I’ve been to in 2+ years and I had a blast. There are already close to 50 videos up on the youtubes, but I haven’t seen any of the teams yet and I think those may have been my favorite part. If/when they start appearing, I’ll probably do another post on them, but in the meantime, here’s a little rundown of my favorite stuff that is currently available thanks to some seriously type-A internet addicts who must have been posting it almost in real-time:

  • The Champions Strictly Lindy Finals (link goes to part I, part II is above): I sort of pitied the finalists who were probably too busy putting on a show to be able to enjoy watching the show! It was a real treat for the spectators.
  • New Skye & Frida routine: Long time readers of this blog probably know that I’m always pretty pumped for new Skye and Frida routines and this was no exception.
  • Charleston finals: Lots of good stuff, but the highlight for me was Juan Villafane’s glorious beard, which reminds me of the “Most Interesting Man in the World” ad campaign from Dos Equis. Actually, now that I think of it, it was a truly magnificent weekend for facial hair all around.

P.S. If anyone has links to the full judging results, hit me up — I had to leave before they were announced. Also, I’d appreciate any linkies to team routines – I’m especially interested in the “All The Cats/Traffic Jam” one and the bizarre, but fascinating “manequin/mustache/Take Five/monster noise/glitter” routine.




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31 08 2009

We’re working on putting all the results and accompanying informaion and vids online as soon as we can. It was good seeing you this weekend.

1 09 2009


I wasn’t at the weekend but I do know the Cats/Traffic jam routine you’re referring to. Here’s the link to their team’s site with videos of every routine:

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