epic bike jumps

7 10 2010

This looks super painful fun!

To really appreciate the beautiful filming and the truly wild abandon of the jumpers, play this bad boy full screen in high res.



senegalese cycling silliness

20 09 2010


more amazing teamwork from japan

10 09 2010

If you thought that Japanese people were pretty cool with their synchronized walking, you should see them fly.

Lots of my friends have been posting this on FB recently. For anyone looking for more context, the video info says that they are a team from Aomori University in Japan, performing at the 2009 All Japan Mens Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships.

18 seconds of awesome

30 08 2010

human flag moonwalk

2 08 2010

Next up:

shoots + ladders, parkour style

29 07 2010

Of course it’s viral marketing for some sort of POWERTHIRST or something (“Uncomfortably Energetic!”) and is total bogus, but I see no reason why this couldn’t be a real thing. Make it happen monkey people.


new word: nonchalantest

19 03 2010

USAGE: This guy is the nonchalantest.