epic bike jumps

7 10 2010

This looks super painful fun!

To really appreciate the beautiful filming and the truly wild abandon of the jumpers, play this bad boy full screen in high res.



so you think you can dance?

26 08 2010

…perhaps you should reconsider.

Best part: 2:38 when the guy is like “Yesss! NAILED it!”

You got served ballerinas!

go philadelphia!

22 10 2009

This grainy clip contains all that is great about Philadelphia: passionate sports fans, boozy swearing, rampaging in the streets, screaming white trash, and drivers who don’t give a f@#&. Seriously, it has everything but the cheesesteaks and Rocky. I love this town and I can’t wait for the World Series!

They might as well just keep the lampposts on Broad Street greased so they don’t have to do it twice when they beat the Yankees.

can i make another “in soviet russia…” joke?

20 10 2009

Is that allowed? Do I lean on this old standby a little too much whenever I post something about Russia?

Perhaps I do. I will play this one straight: In Soviet Russia AHHHH MURDER-BUS! RUNNNN!


note to self: never prank someone…

13 10 2009

…in the immediate vicinity of Tony Jaa or anyone possessing his amazing backkicking abilities.

I can’t stop watching this clip. It comes from a Candid Camera type show in Brussels, so it should be no surprise that Jean Claude Van Dam also thinks it rocks.



how it feels to be a uva football fan

21 09 2009

It sort of feels like this. It would be more accurate if the horse had kicked Cav Man in the groin as he was trying to get up, but this is close.

In other news, I’m home again after some time on the road so posts should resume as normal.

slippin’ & slidin’

31 07 2009

This video inspires mixed emotions for me. On the one hand, these fools look like they know how to have a good time. On the other hand, their choice of the slow, depressing metal soundtrack makes them sound like they have no idea what a good time is.

Watch it with the sound off, crank something fun and funky, and have a good weekend.