turkish architects know what’s up

3 08 2009

Not only is their largest city, Istanbul, like a billion years old and still standing, but they have also learned how to contruct demolition-proof buildings like this:



gymkhana? the 80s movie about gymnastics and karate?

3 06 2009

No wait, sorry — that was Gymkata, tagline: “The Skill of Gymnastics! The Kill of Karate!”

According to this video “Gymkhana” is somewhat different and I guess it’s almost as cool as crane kicking a gang of ninjas from your pommel horse:


carl edwards: he tastes of america

4 05 2009

I’m not much of a NASCAR fan, but you gotta respect the determination of a man who gets smashed by several vehicles, flips a few times, claws his way out of the demolished, burning wreckage and runs the remaining distance to the finish line. Hardcore!

Lol at the announcer solemnly declaring that we’re seeing “shades of Ricky Bobby.”

lakai / spike jonze

14 05 2008

Grab a helmet…seriously.