honda’s rube goldberg commercial

29 09 2009

No tricks, practically no special effects, just a disassembled automobile and about 600 takes.

via Neatorama.


extreme tetris

24 09 2009

XTREME SPORTZ* and GameBoy Tetris were both very important to me when I was twelve, so it nearly brings a tear to my eye to see them united in perfect harmony.

*Clarification: “extreme sports” to a twelve year old in 1992 meant pulling radical 360s on my rollerblades off a homemade launch ramp and watching lots of Dan Cortese.

UPDATE: Coincidently Geekologie also just posted a different, but equally XTREME, Tetris irl video. Check it out.

clowns vs. cops

20 04 2009

This has been making the rounds recently. It’s some sort of marketing piece for some sort of tv with some sort of fancy new technology, but the important things are A. Clowns B. Guns C. stuff blowing up everywhere. It’s like The Dark Knight meets Quick Change  meets ER (who knew hospitals were such lucrative places to rob?) meets the ending of The Professional.

fake! i’m so smart i can tell that this is fake! i’m like a youtube genius!

26 03 2009

These are both great for different reasons. Props to whichever ad agencies are behind them.

“…we’re in a viral!” lol

daft eyebrows

23 01 2009

how much nunchak could a nun chuck if a nun could chuck nunchak?

4 12 2008

A: Nuns will always chuck less nunchak than Bruce M-Fn’ Lee. Coming ‘atcha via Neatorama:

What exactly are you trying to say here, Nokia? All Chinese people are good at ping pong and kung fu, huh?



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make someone’s dreams come true

20 06 2008

Thanks [BB-Blog].