over the top with mattias schlitte

19 10 2009

Yes, this video is 8 minutes long. No, you don’t have to watch it all, but you do have to watch the insanity that is on full display between 1:00 and 1:20.

How is that even possible!?!? That skinny dude has a single gorilla meathook! My theory: he got rooked in one of those cruel “Monkey’s Paw” type of wish making scams. I first became aware of this strangely unbalanced dude via UniqueDaily.com where they had a picture of him and I said “Fake! Totally shopped!” I never would have believed that such a thing was possible had I not found the video evidence.


bj penn might be a little more athletic than me

21 07 2009

…maybe just a little.

a fun thing to try

11 06 2009

Step 1: Stand up.

Step 2: Now put your arm straight out in front of you.

Step 3: Imagine a horizontal line as high as your outstretched fingertips.

Step 4: Now jump over that line.

When this gets too easy for you, do it in flip flops. Rinse. Repeat. Incorporate boastful posse as necessary.

amazing wrestling moves

4 03 2009

Watching this makes me want to drop down to 168 and wrestle Brian Shute for the state championships.

55 pullups at 270 lbs.

27 02 2009

Unreal. Plus this guy deadlifts like 900lbs. What a monster.

chun li + zangeif = this chick

17 11 2008

Criminals in Japan obviously need to watch more Sailor Moon. Considering that most Japanese schoolgirls can shoot fireballs and summon tsunamis and talk to magical cats, this guy got off lucky with only getting suplexed.

how to: windmills

18 09 2008

To celebrate my 100th post (huzzah!) I’m starting a new feature for Stuff That Moves: a recurring series of “How To” posts! We’ll start things off with a classic b-boy move, windmills.

Damn, I wish I had youtube when I was in high school! I can’t even begin to count the number of times I slammed my leg or hip into the ground trying to learn how to do these by trial and error! Oh – and rhythm. I wish I had that in high school too…

…and a girl friend. That would have been pretty cool.