genki sudo returns

27 09 2010

This dude used to smash faces and take limbs home as trophies. Now he’s reinventing the one man dance and holding down a respectable music career. Good for him.

Stay wth it for the great illusions at the end.



ólafur arnalds – ljósið

12 10 2009

Here’s a soothing piece of video art to ease you into the workweek.

via Dark Roasted Blend

whee catapults!

12 09 2008

Behold, the fratapult courtesy of Geekologie:

Also the smack-that-apult, courtesy of Akon:

One throws morons off to be swept away by an alarmingly swift river. One throws morons into a mass of people who are alarmingly unhelpful when it comes to crowd surfing. Both come with equally craptacular music and varying degrees of illegality.

pharcyde: drop

10 06 2008

Thanks to fellow blogger Kanye West for reminding me how cool hip-hop sounded in the early to mid 90s. The Pharcyde + The Spike Jonze = The Awesome.

bat for lashes

4 06 2008

spooky, awesome, hypnotizing

music & art

3 06 2008

Ray Charles is, of course, the jam. Be sure to watch to the end.

star guitar

23 05 2008

By the Chemical Brothers. Somewhat mesmerizing….