the earth through the eyes of its fastest inhabitant

21 09 2010

Jump on the back of this falcon and pull some G’s.



the real fail whale

28 07 2010

“Oh no! Twitter is down!” < “Oh no! Shamu is about to land on my face!”

it’s a virtual landslide of new posts on stuff that moves!

7 01 2010

Ok, not really.* It is, however, a very real landslide of land.

Look out below!

via Neatorama

*Not for lack of trying. I just haven’t been seeing much stuff that’s “wow”ed me lately.

otters are awesome

2 12 2009

Is a there a more fun creature in the animal kingdom?

the birds

21 10 2009

I once came very close to careening off a country highway because this was happening overhead and I couldn’t keep my eyes on the road.

Via TYWKIWDBI aka “Things You Wouldn’t Know if We Didn’t Blog Incessantly,” a fascinating site. Add it to your daily reads if it’s not already there.

quick brown fox ftw!

29 07 2009

Ma head asplode! Thank you internet for being awesome today!


relax and let your mind float away for four minutes

22 07 2009

This is very much worth watching in full screen mode.

Song is “Please Don’t Go” by Barcelona. If you get bored by watching majestic creatures of the sea do their thang for four minutes, then you can heighten the drama of the video by imagining it as a love story where one whale shark is singing  this song to the other one. So poignant! So touching!