epic bike jumps

7 10 2010

This looks super painful fun!

To really appreciate the beautiful filming and the truly wild abandon of the jumpers, play this bad boy full screen in high res.



here fishy, fishy, fishy, fishy….

10 08 2009

What the carp?!


solo climbing the nose

14 05 2009

Here we have a super-pimpin’ video of a guy named Dean Potter practically jogging up The Nose of El Capitan:

I am no climber, so I can’t comment on just how studly this acheivement is in the context of the climbing world, but the guy’s face around 1:17 should give you some idea.


the ocean is neat

11 05 2009

fleet foxes

16 04 2009

I’ve been seeing this incredible video of a fox diving through the snow for his lunch all over the place lately, but I think I saw it first at TYWKIWDBI so they get the nod.

question: which bear is best?

6 04 2009

This post goes out to a dear, dear friend of mine: Mr. Dwight Schrute. It features all his favorite things: Bears, Beets Bikes, Battle Star Gallactica Star Wars.

Well, it features most some of his favorite things…mostly bears:

Up next, bikes (and bears at the very end – wtf?):

And finally, Star Wars (and bears):



31 03 2009

Does this look like fun or what? Apparently it is part of a new “fitness movement.” Rock climbing and swimming and jumping and hanging from trees? Throw in catching frogs and thinking girls were icky and this sounds like my childhood. I should have gone into personal training instead of mowing lawns and shoveling snow off sidewalks.