some pretty impressive walking going on in this clip

7 09 2010




pilobolus dance theater

8 10 2009

in soviet russia, pole dances you

22 09 2009

This had me hypnotized for four minutes. Enjoy:

Via the ever-worthwhile Ministry of Manipulation.

parlor magic by shawn farquhar

3 09 2009

Ignore the “adult contemporary” musical lameness and just enjoy the magic and the movement of the cards. To be fair, I suppose that his choices for “songs about cards” are somewhat limited. I think I might  email him to suggest a routine to Motörhead’s “The Ace of Spades.”



25 08 2008

I really wish I could have attended the inaugual International Lindy Hop Championships this past weekend. Alas family stuff kept me away, so I’ve been eagerly awaiting results, reports, and videos. By all accounts I’ve heard, thus far, it was a huge success. Congrats to the organizers and everyone who competed.

Of the early vids that I’ve seen so far, here’s my favorite:

Dax & Alice have a very relaxed and musical style that I like a lot. Everything they do just flows easy-breezey into the next motion. Routines that have “cool moves” are pretty common, but this routine actually has cool movement, which seems much harder to find these days for some reason.

alexander artemev

18 08 2008

One of the coolest routines from the 2008 Olympics. I wish he nailed it this well last night. The full spin that comes around 0:39 blows my feeble little mind. Footage courtesy of

i think they can dance

8 08 2008

The song is dope, the chick looks kinda slutty, the dude dances like a badass weirdo, and the choreography makes good use of all that. End result: hotness. Probably my favorite routine (of many good ones) from this season’s SYTYCD.

I know it makes me a 12 year old girl to say this (omg lolz), but I really enjoy this show. Between having some really talented dancers and eliminating that dork, Dan Karady, this turned out to be a great season. The only way it could have been better would be if they had waterboarded Mary live on stage everytime she tried to open her screech-hole.