the ocean is neat

11 05 2009

clowns vs. cops

20 04 2009

This has been making the rounds recently. It’s some sort of marketing piece for some sort of tv with some sort of fancy new technology, but the important things are A. Clowns B. Guns C. stuff blowing up everywhere. It’s like The Dark Knight meets Quick Change  meets ER (who knew hospitals were such lucrative places to rob?) meets the ending of The Professional.

moto-race of the damned

19 11 2008

I think if you watch really closely you can actually see the point (somewhere around 0:03) where Satan appears on this guy’s shoulder and says “Hey buddy, just give me your soul and I’ll get you back on that bike,” and the guy says “OK!”

Have fun in Hades dude.

lightning strikes the same blog twice!

8 08 2008

First in super slow mo:

(from Neatorama)

Then hitting an airplane:

Apparantly this is no big deal and probably happens all the time.

hey wanna get punched in the piehole?

11 06 2008

Sure! Why not?

I’m clueless on the story behind this clip. Someone fill me in.

This comes my way via Gawker by way of CrapWeLike

lakai / spike jonze

14 05 2008

Grab a helmet…seriously.