epic bike jumps

7 10 2010

This looks super painful fun!

To really appreciate the beautiful filming and the truly wild abandon of the jumpers, play this bad boy full screen in high res.



the earth through the eyes of its fastest inhabitant

21 09 2010

Jump on the back of this falcon and pull some G’s.


trick or tre…*facepunch*

29 10 2009

boo!Happy Halloween, Trashcan Monster! This year I think I’m going to dress up like the black kid and just instantly react to any movement around me with a punch in the face. Wife reaches for tv remote: boom, facepunch. Co-worker pushes a button on the elevator: ka-powey. Bird flys a little too close: unhesitating Shoryuken to the beak.

friday fun: back to school edition

9 10 2009

Hope your weekend kicks as much ass as this school bus.

I’m very disappointed in America’s educational establishment for not recognizing this bus as history’s greatest “Stay in School” incentive ever. If this beast picks you up at the bus stop every morning, school is automatically going to be equated with awesome.


5 10 2009

Lately the wife and have been seriously considering getting a young German Shepherd Dog to add to our “pack.” We’ll probably rescue one, so it’s doubtful that we’ll be lucky enough to find one with the attributes that make a good SchH candidate, but I still love watching these dogs in action.

negative ghostrider, the pattern is full

8 09 2009

Goose, it’s time to buzz the tower. These flyby videos will put hair on your chest. If you are actually in the tower, they will also put coffee on your chest.

(All come via IGx, which is usually so foul that I’ll resist linking to it)

talkin’ ’bout the young folks

14 08 2009

Witness the thrill of victory in the new sport of Speed Cup Stacking!

It’s EXTREME! extremely pointless. Look, I’m all for kids achieving their goals, but this is the equivalent of “Speed Shoelace Tying” or “Speed Remote Control Battery Changing.” Do something, kid! Go play outside! Get good at “speed bike riding” or “speed running.”

Or at least put those speedy hands to use doing something useful like Ms. McKenzie here:

That girl is awesome.

Some political blathering editorializing after the jump

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