go philadelphia!

22 10 2009

This grainy clip contains all that is great about Philadelphia: passionate sports fans, boozy swearing, rampaging in the streets, screaming white trash, and drivers who don’t give a f@#&. Seriously, it has everything but the cheesesteaks and Rocky. I love this town and I can’t wait for the World Series!

They might as well just keep the lampposts on Broad Street greased so they don’t have to do it twice when they beat the Yankees.


it’s hockey season

16 10 2009

This vid has been making the rounds lately and for good reason.


basketball snipers

6 10 2009

Much like how the Harlem Globetrotters are the showbiz version of flashy streetball style, the guys from DudePerfect are trying to be the showbiz version of…um…Larry Bird.

a visual introduction to bjj for my friends

30 09 2009

Oftentimes when I meet up with old friends (especially dancers), they ask me, “Soooo…you still doing that martial arts thing? What is it? Ninjitsu or something? Cage fighting, right?”

Despite my best efforts to explain my hobby of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, my friends don’t really “get” it. Most still have no idea what it is, and those that do vaguely understand it, can’t figure out what I see in it. “Why do you like getting beat up?” “Why do you like rolling around with sweaty dudes?” “Where’d you get that shiner?” 

So I dug up some videos that should serve as a good introduction for the uninitiated: one is more of a demonstration, and the other shows a very close, competitive, sporting match between two legendary grapplers. I hope these vids convey the intellectual, artistic, and athletic merits of BJJ. They say it’s very much a chess game, where your strategy, creativity, and your understanding of physics will help you more than your brute strength. “Knowing” may be half the battle for G.I. Joe, but it’s like 75% of the battle for BJJ, and I like that.

Here’s Roy Dean demonstrating some super-smooth, flowing combos:

And here’s Roger Gracie and Xande Ribeiro throwing down in the 2005 Abu Dhabi Combat Club absolute division semi-finals (Roger went on to win the whole thing):

can you name one sport where the hero of the highlight reel falls down and fails to score half the time?

23 09 2009


Don’t get me wrong — the moves in this video are still amazing to watch, even if the end result is often either a take-away, an out of bounds, or a face full of grass. Despite all that, it is clear that Cristiano Ronaldo is indeed one of the most powerful wizards in all of Middle Earth or wherever the heck it is that people watch this game.

the art of defensive boxing

8 07 2009

I have always loved this gif of Ali standing right in front of his opponent with his hands down at his waist, making it look so easy to slip this guy’s best shots. It’s like he’s learned to manipulate the freaking Matrix or something.

I’ve heard other people say that this isn’t really that impressive since he stays out of range for four of the five punches, but I’d always dismissed their criticism as typical online contrarianism/know-it-all-ism (plus, I find Ali’s swagger to be just as impressive as his skill here). But then someone directed me to an incredible highlight of Pernall “Sweet Pea” Whitaker that really got my attention. Check it out — trying to punch this guy must be like trying to punch a ghost:

a belated happy birthday america

7 07 2009

Hope everyone had a good Fourth of July. I had a great weekend of hotdogs, fireworks, and watching sports on TV. I did my duty as a Philly resident and tried to watch the Phils, but sometimes I just have a hard time getting in to baseball on TV (yes, even on the Fourth of July). It’s especially difficult for me when America’s pastime is up against Wimbledon, the Tour, and Rugby on other channels. Maybe if they just added an extra inning for artistic interpretation, I’d be more inclined: