i will never complain about my commute ever again

15 09 2010

Be sure to play this in full screen mode for the full, vertigo-inducing effect.


linda blair’s arms

18 03 2010

Yikes lady! The power of Christ compels you!


halt! hammerzeit.

2 10 2009


youtube highlight reel: the first 4 years in 4 minutes

1 10 2009

Earlier this week, Buzzfeed posted this video which has almost every good thing on youtube from recent memory, including plenty of gems that will be familiar to Stuff That Moves readers.

The nicely synced soundtrack gives new energy to even the most overplayed material.

stuff that doesn’t move

28 09 2009


It makes me wonder if he didn’t teach himself how to sleep with his eyes open. If I were as busy as el presidente, that would be my goal. Line up the leaders of the world, plaster on a smile, and dose off. 30 minutes later, the pictures are done and you emerge refreshed and ready to work. Booyah. If President Garfield could teach himself to simultaneously write Greek with one hand and Latin with the other, this doesn’t seem that far fetched.

pen spinning

2 07 2009

Found this over at Urlesque. Who knew pen spinning nerds were so metal?

See also this gem.

m.a.s.k.: remember that 80s cartoon?

24 06 2009

There was some sort of gas station/mobile mart that transformed into a fortress or something like that. Well, Thailand actually has something like this in real life:

A marketplace that transforms into a train line! It’s pretty cool, I guess. But it’d be a lot cooler if it transformed into a heavily armed mountainside hideout. I mean look at this rad-ness, Thailand:


I’m just sayin.’

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