some pretty impressive walking going on in this clip

7 09 2010




18 seconds of awesome

30 08 2010

so you think you can dance?

26 08 2010

…perhaps you should reconsider.

Best part: 2:38 when the guy is like “Yesss! NAILED it!”

You got served ballerinas!

human flag moonwalk

2 08 2010

Next up:

ivan vasiliev

30 07 2010

Hello ladies. Look at your man. Now back to Ivan. Now back at your man. Now back to Ivan.

Sadly your man is not Ivan Vasiliev. He looks like Johnny Depp (mascara and all). He dances. He’s mega-strong. He’s cultured. He probably has a suave foreign accent. My theory: built by Russian super scientists (the very same who produced that other infamous Ivan: Ivan Drago) to steal our women and corrupt them into spying for the Kremlin.

Seriously, not since Twilight have I seen such a ridiculously unreal assemblage of desireable male qualities. It’s not even fair to the rest of us.

Notice that he is so good that his fellow cast mates crowd the wings of the stage to applaud his moves during rehersal.


shoots + ladders, parkour style

29 07 2010

Of course it’s viral marketing for some sort of POWERTHIRST or something (“Uncomfortably Energetic!”) and is total bogus, but I see no reason why this couldn’t be a real thing. Make it happen monkey people.


the real fail whale

28 07 2010

“Oh no! Twitter is down!” < “Oh no! Shamu is about to land on my face!”